Saeid Mohadjer

Frontend Developer

I'm a Frontend Developer based in Freiburg, Germany. My experience is in building progressively-enhanced responsive components and frameworks using a mobile-first approach. For availability, rate, and work samples contact me via email.


HTML5, CSS/Sass, JavaScript/TypeScript, jQuery, Node.js, Handlebars, doT.js, Nunjucks, Git, Gulp, Bower, Yarn, NPM

jQuery plugins

jQuery Filter

jQuery plugin for filtering lists

In-Page Scrolling Nav

jQuery plugin for navigation allowing in-page scrolling

jQuery Slideshow

jQuery plugin for a responsive slider supporting different content and styles

Video Player

A minimal HTML5 jQuery video player


A jQuery plugin for displaying content over modal and non-modal layers

Open Source Work

Responsive CSS Grid

A simple responsive CSS grid

Front-end snippets

A collection of reusable HTML/CSS/JS snippets

Front-end tips

A collection of tips and best practices on writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery

Front-end Checklist

A checklist for error-free front-end delivery