Saeid Mohadjer

Frontend Developer

I'm a Frontend Developer based in Freiburg, Germany. My experience is in building progressively-enhanced responsive components and frameworks using a mobile-first approach. For availability, rate, and work samples contact me via email.

Recent work...

I wrote a small javascript class that allows one to display youtube playlists on his/her own Website. This is written in ES6 and requires no jQuery. The playlist can be styled as desired and shows optional info such as title and description for each playlist item. The script can also be used to display youtube videos without a playlist. The code is available on Github and there is a demo page.

jQuery plugins

jQuery Filter

jQuery plugin for filtering lists

In-Page Scrolling Nav

jQuery plugin for navigation allowing in-page scrolling

jQuery Slideshow

jQuery plugin for a responsive slider supporting different content and styles

Video Player

A minimal HTML5 jQuery video player


A jQuery plugin for displaying content over modal and non-modal layers

Open Source

Responsive CSS Grid

A simple responsive CSS grid

Front-end snippets

A collection of reusable HTML/CSS/JS snippets

Front-end tips

A collection of tips and best practices on writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery

Front-end Checklist

A checklist for error-free front-end delivery