Saeid Mohadjer

Web Design from Freiburg

Slaven Gluščević

Website for Slaven Gluscevic

The website uses GitHub and Vercel as repository and hosting platform. All backend functionality is implemented via serverless Node.js functions which read and write to a MongoDB database. Website allows users to register online for tennis camps or training courses. The data is fetched as JSON from database via JavaScript and is converted to HTML using Handlebars templating engine.

Year: 2023

Hello and Welcome to my Website

My name is Saeid Mohadjer and I'm a Web Designer/Web Developer in Freiburg, Germany. I make Websites that are easy to use, load fast, can be updated without a CMS from any device, and are hosted for free forever. Read to learn more.


  • Free server and hosting over HTTPS

    Your Website will be hosted on GitHub at no cost. This way not only your Website code and content is protected by a version control system, but you won't need to set up and pay for a web server and hosting of your website. Also you don't need to obtain a SSL certificate to enable HTTPS as that is provided for free by GitHub.

  • Update your Website from anywhere

    You can update your website from any device such as your smart phone or your computer and directly in the browser. The exact steps will be practiced with you and you will receive instructions which you can follow on your own.

  • High performance

    A performance score above 90% as measured by Google's PageSpeed Insights.

  • Accessible to everyone

    Your Website is tested for compliancy with WCAG 2.1 to ensure it meets accessibility requirements which are enforced in many countries including in European Union.


Discovery Phase
Before starting a project I would try to find out as much as possible about your business and needs. We will brainstorm different ideas to figure out what solution best fits your needs and goals.
Content Phase
Content is the king so we will work together to prepare text and other assets such as photos and videos. Having content ready, even if it's not in the final state yet, helps us to design Website around the content rather than vice versa, allowing us to ensure we develop a unique solution that stands out from boilerplate sites built with online automated tools.
Design Phase
In this phase I will create the general layout and design and revise it based on feedback I gather from you. Accessibility and usability play a major role in this phase.
Development Phase
After design has been finalized, I will create pages and components that are used in the Website.
Testing and Deployment Phase
In this phase we test the solution on various devices from smart phones to tablets and desktops and fix any problem we find. Once we are done with testing, I will link your domain to GitHub repository of your Website which means your site will be live.
Maintenance Phase
In this phase I will teach client how to update her Website by editing content on GitHub.


  • How much does it cost?

    Most websites I build cost between 1000 to 5000 Euro depending on custom requirements of a project. For example if you need photo shooting or custom animations that would increase the costs. We will discuss all possibilities to avoid unnecessary costs in advance.

  • How do I update my Website?

    Your Website will be hosted on GitHub, that is both your website code and content are stored in a repository on GitHub. You can access your repository from any device such as a cell phone using a browser. Every time you make a change to your repository, GitHub automatically deploys your changes to your live site. There is no need for a CMS (Content Management System) or other complex tools, simply select a file, make your changes by editing it, and then save.

  • Do I need to purchase a domain name?

    Yes, you are responsible for registering your domain and paying applicable fees. If you do not already own a domain, you can register a domain at and I can help you with setting up your domain if needed.

  • How long does it take until my Website goes live?

    The process of designing and developing your Website usually takes around one month. If you have already finalized the content of your website the progress will be faster.

  • Is there a warranty?

    Yes, your website comes with a lifetime warranty that it will look and function flawlessly on latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge on all devices that support these browsers. This warranty is void if you or someone else tampers with the code of your website.