Saeid Mohadjer

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Recent Projects


formWizard | A boilerplate for multi-step single-page forms

FormWizard is an open-source boilerplate that you can use to build your own single-page multi-step forms. It has no dependency (not even jQuery) and is built with progressive enhancement in mind, i.e. if JavaScript is not enabled or stops working due to an error, your form will still remain functional. Read more on github

Embed youTube playlists with ytplayer.js

This small script allows you to display youtube videos with or without playlists in your Website. The playlist can be styled as desired and can show optional info such as title and description for each playlist item. Callback functions allow adding custom behavior.

Github | Live example

Filter your lists with filterList.js

filterList.js allows filtering of any HTML list or group of elements via data attributes. Filters can be set or changed via URL parameters, or form elements, or by other scripts. The script is written in vanilla JavaScript and has no dependencies.

Github | Live example

Responsive CSS Grid

A simple responsive CSS grid

Front-end snippets

A collection of reusable HTML/CSS/JS snippets

Front-end tips

A collection of tips and best practices on writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery

Front-end Checklist

A checklist for error-free front-end delivery