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Do you need a website that looks great on any device, loads fast, and can be updated from anywhere? Then this is a service for you.


  • No Server and Hosting Costs
    Your Website will be hosted on GitHub's servers for free. GitHub offers free storage for repositories, meaning that not only your Website code is under version control, but you won't need to pay for a server to host your website.
  • Update easily and from anywhere
    You can update your website from any device (such as your smart phone) and without using any complex tool such as traditional content management systems (CMS). To update your website you simply edit any page on github and then save it, same as you edit and save any text file. Your changes will become visible on your live site within a minute.
  • High Performance
    A performance score above 90% as measured by Google's PageSpeed Insights.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    Any layout or functionality problem discovered during lifetime of your website will be fixed at no additional cost.
  • Compliance with EU's general data protection regulation (GDPR)
    Your website won't use any cookies or any 3rd party library or services that may process users personal data. This also means you don't need to annoy users by requiring them to give consent before they can use your site.


How do I update my Website?

Your Website will be hosted on GitHub, that is both your website code and content are stored in a repository on GitHub. You can access your repository from any device such as a cell phone using a browser. Every time you make a change to your repository, Github automatically deploys your changes to your live site. There is no need for a CMS (Content Management System) or other complex tools, simply select a file, make your changes by editing it, and then save.

Do I need a domain name?

Yes, you are responsible for registering your domain name and paying annual fee (around 15€/year). When your website is ready for release, we will link your domain to your GitHub Pages IP Address by updating some records in your DNS settings.

How long does it take to launch my new Website?

It usually takes around one month to design, build and push your site live. If you have already prepared the content of your website (text and visual assets) the progress will be faster.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, your website comes with a lifetime warranty that it will look and function flawlessly on latest version of all modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge) on smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers. This warranty is void as soon as you or someone else tampers with the underlying code of your website.

How do I start?

Contact me via email or phone (WhatsApp or Signal) at +49 176 8826 9966 to discuss your Website.