Saeid Mohadjer

Saeid Mohadjer

Senior Frontend & Full-stack Developer

+49 176 8826 9966

Freiburg, Germany

Senior Frontend and Full-stack Developer with 15+ years of expereience in design and development of resilient responsive websites, web applications, and Restful APIs. Available for remote positions only. Authorized to work in EU and Canada.


  • Experience in design and development of progressively-enhanced mobile-first responsive websites
  • Experience in building full-stack web applications using MVC pattern
  • Expertise in implementing RESTful APIs with authentication and payload validation
  • Experience with cloud platforms such as Vercel, Render, and AWS including serverless & edge computing
  • Solid knowledge of Functional Programming and OOP paradigms
  • Solid understanding of JavaScript both in browser and on the server (Node.js) including mutation, closures, event loop, call stack, promises, web components, etc.
  • Experience in building modern responsive layouts using CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, Container Queries, etc.
  • Solid knowledge of Angular including signals, observables, reactive forms, etc.
  • Solid knowledge of React including JSX, SSR, Suspense, React Router, etc.
  • Experience in setting up CI/CD pipelines using YAML and GitHub Actions
  • Deep understanding of Git
  • Experience with traditional and headless CMS
  • Experience in writing semantic SEO-friendly W3C-valid cross-browser markup
  • Solid understanding of acessibility issues and implementing WCAG 2.1 requirements across large Websites
  • Experience in implementing i18n and support for RTL languages
  • Experience in writing unit tests
  • Experience in integrating 3rd-party libraries (AG Grid, Swiper, Google Maps, etc.)
  • Experience in cost estimation and agile development


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript, React, Angular, RxJS, Next.js, Handlebars, Sass, Bootstrap, jQuery, Jest, SVG, JSON, XML
Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, Contentful, MariaDB, PHP, Yii
JWT, OAuth, jose
GitHub Actions, GitHub API, YAML, NPM Scripts


Visual Studio Code, Atom, Notepad++
Graphic Design
Figma, Inkscape, Pixlr, Photoshop
Axe DevTools, Wave
Jira, Confluence, Git, npm, esbuild, Rollup, Docker, Postman, MongoDB Compass, Sequel Pro
macOS, Windows

Work Experience

2013-Present, Freelance Frontend/Full-stack Developer, Germany
I collaborate with design studios and interactive agencies on developing and maintaining responsive websites and web applications for clients in various industries (pharmaceutical, banking, insurance, etc.). Some of clients that I recently worked with are Recall InfoLink, Neoperl, Siedle, Union Investment, Roche, Voestalpine, and Sto, among the others. My responsibilities vary from one project to another, but mainly include:
  • Collaborating with designers on design and implementation of UI libraries
  • Implementing page layouts for large Websites
  • Creating UI components using TypeScript and frameworks such as Angular or React
  • Building complex dynamic forms with client-side and server-side validation
  • Developing RESTful APIs and microservices using Node.js and Express.js
  • Building content types for Contentful CMS and writing migration scripts
  • Writing scripts to hydrate UI components with content fetched from API
  • Building map applications using Geolocation API and Google Maps
  • Integrating 3rd-party services such as LiveChat, Google reCAPTCHA, consentmanager, etc.
  • Bug fixing in Jira or other bug tracking systems
  • Accessibility auditing of web applications and websites using Wave and axe DevTools as well as manual testing and implementing changes to comply with WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 guidelines
  • Building interactive infographics with animation in SVG
  • Writing documentation and guides
2011-2013, Frontend Developer, Virtual Identity AG, Germany
I worked closely with the concept and design team on projects ranging from time-sensitive campaigns to relaunch of large corporate Websites. I was responsible for developing, testing, and bug-fixing of UI components as well as facilitating integration of the frontend with backend (Java, Python, PHP).
2008-2011, Freelance Frontend Developer, Canada
Worked with design and advertising agencies on projects ranging from fast-paced campaigns to award-winning Websites including Webby Honoree for Museum of Vancouver Website and Webby Honoree for University of Toronto Augmented Reality
2007-2008, Senior Interactive Developer, B3 Communications, Canada
Outstanding Achievement for Koloa Landing Website
2006-2007, Interface Developer, Blast Radius, Canada
Worked on projects for Electronic Arts and Canadian Tourism

Personal Projects

  • Tournament Organizer

    Tournament Organizer (SPA without a framework)

    This single page app allows tournament organizers to display and share result of their tournaments. Features include seasons, player's profile, all-time and seasonal rankings as well as individual tournament results. Data fetching is done by JavaScript from MongoDB by invoking Node.js serverless API endpoints and then injecting the fetched data into Handlebars templates to render views on the client side. API authorization for post requests is implemented using JWT inside a middleware. Code on GitHub

  • Website for Slaven Gluscevic

    Website for Slaven Gluscevic

    Designed and built a responsive Website with protected admin panel for tennis trainer Slaven Gluscevic that allows users to register for training courses and tennis camps.

    FrontendTypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Handlebars
    BackendNode.js, MongoDB
    HostingVercel (serverless), GitHub


Letter of reference, Virtual Identity AG (PDF in German)


English, German (C1), Persian